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2013 Cupcake Flavors & Pricing

 Everybody's Crazy for Cupcakes and our customers tell us how amazing they are so we thought that they deserved their own page!

$3.75 Each or $39 per dozen for Gourmets
$3.25 Each or $29 per dozen for vanilla butter cream & sprinkles

 *****$2 Tuesday for the Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Swirl topped cupcakes*****

Custom designs starting at $4.25 each for Gourmets and $3.50 for non-filled
Cupcakes trays are not always available. These are a time permitting item starting at custom pricing.  We do not offer edible images/photo images

Sugar Loft Gourmet Flavors

Wedding Cupcakes
a touch of almond is magical with raspberry filling, vanilla butter cream, white chocolate drop and sugared rim, our #1 seller

Chocolate Razz
chocolate fudge cupcake with  raspberry filling, chocolate butter cream, red sugar heart & chocolate delicious

The Chocolate  Fix
... ladies and chocolate lovers alike this is the one that you will want over and over. Moist chocolate fudge cake with fresh chocolate mousse topped with a
Special Dark butter cream and a dark chocolate drizzle

White Chocolate Blondie
...soft white cake filled with white chocolate mousse, topped with vanilla butter cream and white chocolate shavings

Peanut Butter Fudge
chocolate fudge cupcake filled with a chocolate mousse with the right touch of peanut butter,chocolate butter cream, chopped peanuts and drizzles to instant hit this summer!

... chocolate fudge cupcake with our own fresh caramel filling, chocolate butter cream, toasted pecans, chocolate & caramel drizzles with a caramel button.

Mocha "ooh" latte
...catching on like wildfire this latest cupcake combo includes our chocolate fudge cupcakes with a cinnamon cream filling and expresso butter cream...awesome!
toasted pecans, chocolate & Caramel

Red Velvet
 ...with cream cheese filling, vanilla butter cream, caressed with toasted red velvet crumbs, white chocolate drop...delicious to the last crumb

Boston Creme
...Sugar Loft style. Yellow cake filled with fresh Bavarian Creme, vanilla butter cream dipped in the perfect chocolate glaze and topped with a cherry.

For the kid in you, try our PB&M
...  Yellow cake filled with blackberry mousse, topped with peanut butter butter cream and chopped peanuts...where's the milk?

Cookies n' Creme
Chocolate Fudge cake with a whipped creme' filling, iced with vanilla butter cream and rimmed with chunks of Oreo cookies and a cute miniature Oreo on top

Our Summertime Collection

Strawberries & cream
fresh strawberry cake, whipped topping center, vanilla butter cream with sugared rim

luscious lime cake, creamy whipped  filling, vanilla butter cream, sugar lime
 slice, sugared rim & straw.  *After labor day these are a special order

Strawberry Lemonade
... lemon cupcake with strawberry filling, vanilla butter cream & piped strawberry

Lemon Drop
...lemon cake rimmed with our vanilla butter cream, a dollop of tart lemon filling  & accented with toasted lemon crumbs 

Pina Colada
...refreshing pineapple cake infused with cream of coconut and coconut
 rum, topped with coconut mousse, shredded toasted & non toasted coconut and a bright maraschino cherry!

Two ways....filled with vanilla mousse, iced with vanilla butter cream & sprinkles or
filled with chocolate mousse, vanilla butter cream then dipped in chocolate!

                                                                      "The Sugar Loft Burger" we aren't serving lunch but we are serving up the cutest little burger style cupcake!  Delicious White cake with a chocolate cake truffle burger with all of the condiments.  Just as                                                     tasty as it is cute.  $4.75 each or $55 per dozen

We often try new combinations and offer them as "Featured Flavors"  like our Cherry Almond Chip with white chocolate mousse.  We always look forward to your feedback.

When Fall is in the air... of my favorites with cinnamon cream cheese icing...or we add mini chocolate chips with a cute little pumpkin cut out on top.

Apple Spice... our spice cake filled with Cinnamon Apples , iced with vanilla butter cream, caramel drizzle and a shake of cinnamon. 

New Cupcake Flavors
are always on our mind...your suggestions are welcomed!
Tuesday - Friday    9-5:30
Saturday   9-3

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